Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Location A11


Since updating to A11 I’m sure I have a connection issue with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Staring with the bluetooth as I’m pretty sure of the issue.

Irrespective of previous bluetooth pairings whilst using A10 some did not work after updating to A11. After a while I gathered that I had to enable [Location] so an errant device could be found.

However once the item, a Victron MTTP controller, had been paired once the Location was later disabled I had to enable it each time to connect.

So I wonder if A11 has changed in that respect that it doesn’t keep enough info on previous locations. However as I have removed lots of google apps via adb I’m not sure there isn’t a further link.

Secondly there is the Settings > Location > Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning

Once I have paired my MTTP as long as I have Location enabled I don’t require Bluetooth scanning, so that is a relief.

However since A11 changes to Wi-Fi selection, i.e. no way to simply select 2.4Ghz or 5GHz I have noticed I loose the 5Ghz frequently, though set to automatic.
However with Location >> Wi-Fi scanning the drops out appear less. It’s as though the 5GHz auto setting isn’t really happy without scanning enabled.

Anyway the phone is functioning fine, I just thought I’d voice my thinking.

For the majority of people who may have and are happy to have Location and Scanning permanently enabled hopefully they will not see these issues. But I really don’t like having Location enabled just to connect to a paired item 1 metre away.

Did you do a network reset already?

No and until I can recover a password for the MTTP I won’t be :slight_smile:

OH! I’ll try on my ‘spare’ FP3 that will encourage me to get this forgotten password sorted.


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