Why was my post flagged?

What kind of community is it, if a lack of self-reflection leads to affective reactions like

" Your post was flagged as inappropriate : the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines."?

Wow! – Anger doesn’t start wars, but vanity. (Confusius)

Telling the truth makes lonely. :frowning:


This is a community of volunteers who provide help as best as they can. Which in case of the shutdown bug is telling people about that torch workaround. Which we all suffer from BTW.

I agree that it’s not ok to have that bug unfixed even if I never shut down my phone (flight or power saving mode is what I use anyway).

But your complaining here won’t get it fixed sooner. This is the forum of the community. If you want to have something done about it, upvote the bug in the bug tracker or contact the company. If you can’t handle this constructive suggestions and feel the need to react in the way you did, it is you who should think about self-reflection.


The community guidelines state:

Help us make this a great place for discussion by always working to improve the discussion in some way, however small. If you are not sure your post adds to the conversation, think over what you want to say and try again later.


Again, bla bla bla. Oh my God.

is inappropriate.


OP has total right to react the way he/she did.
It’s totally inappropriate to report his/her posts, it’s just freedom of speech. As you know, the bugtracker is abandonned and the only place we can have a bit of visibility is the forum because Fairphone (the company) is running it ! A lot of members of the forum works @FairPhone so it’s not stupid nor against community guidelines to express how we feel about it.
PS : We can’t do anything about it anyway, so why would you say that the post doesn’t make it solve quicker. We can’t solve it, we can (and should) only complain.

What’s this ? Why would you report @LewaLoa’s post ?

Posting on the forum is the only thing we can do. I did not create this thread to see posts removed because they’re a bit curt, so please gather yourself and let people express themselves about this bug. This forum is not supposed to be the Telletubies’s world where everything is fine and positive. If somebody have a negative opinion let him speak. Posting in the forum have the same (or higher) impact than going on the bugtracker, so I can’t see your point…

How is it inappropriate to use the tools the forum software provides exactly for such cases?

Now you’re just making stuff up.

Depends on what you mean by “running it”. They pay for the infrastructure but the moderators are volunteers.

There are 43 FP Employees on the forum and only about 9 of them are relatively active.

Of course it’s not against the rules to express your feelings about Fairphone, but the post in question was an ad hominem attack against a forum user who just tried to help. That is against the guidelines.


For what it’s worth, I didn’t flag the post and I would have let it stand, because it really speaks volumes for itself, and is not a long read for that :slight_smile: .

But I can understand the moderators, too. The forum is a more inviting and grown-up place without such behaviour.

And @theofruitrouge … you are not helping your cause by constructing a parallel universe in which …

… which is obviously not the case in our reality, but necessary to be able to claim …

… Well, we can’t fix the bug ourselves, but upvoting in the bugtracker is directly visible to the people who are in charge of fixing bugs … and even if upvoting might not directly result in the bug getting fixed, with enough upvotes Fairphone might be forced to explain in detail what trouble they are facing with this. They should do this anyway in my opinion.

… I have nothing to add to @paulakreuzer’s answer here.

In general I want to be with you on this one.
But I don’t see this forum in any danger to become what you fear, at least if we’re talking about the substance of the posts rather than the tone.

You totally baselessly declared the bugtracker irrelevant to construct this claim of yours … it doesn’t work this way.


Interesting to know, thanks for sharing (:

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