Why the taken pictures are not stored on a memory card

I have just installed the memory card of 512 GB capacity. Furthermore, I changed the camera settings so to place any taken pictues on the memory card. Unfortunately, despite of such modification, any photograph is stored in the Fairphone 4 internal memory. Any ideas how to solve the problem?


  • Are you sure you formatted the SD as portable not internal
  • Which camera app are you using.
  • How do you known they are n the internal memory, what app are you using?

In the first you can check Settings > Storage > do you see an eject icon ?

Is it possible to improve it somehow, so to meet my requirememt?

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I have just found the solution. It turned out that after formatting the memory card as the external memory, the pictures are stored on it. Nevertheless, its content is not detectable whilst attaching my Fairphone 4 to my personal computer via the USB lead.

And there’s a thread already, to solve this:

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Finally. I have found the solutopnm by myself. The following link was of help:

Well first you had to reformat the SD from what you have said

The ‘solution’ you said you found was the advice given to you by @incanus, you seem to be mixing and duplicating posts ??

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