No folders visible after connecting to a personal computer

Could anyone help me to get the access to the folders within the Fairphone 4 internal memory? Although my device is detected, the folders list is empty. Furthermore, it even impossible to get an access to the 512 GB memory card instaleed in my Fairphone 4 from my personal computer running on Windows…

Hi again

  • You cannot access the core memory via a PC as it encrypted
  • Sounds like the SD card is formatted as internal and is therefore also encrypted

I did not select the option to make the memory card as the internal one. I clearly made it external. Nevertheless, both the Fairphone 4 folders within its internal memory and the ones on the exterrnmall memory are not visible. In my previous Samsung Galaxy J3 it was possible to get access to all the folders in its internal and external memory. Nevertheless, how could it be possible to transfer files to or from the Fairphone 4 anyway?

Are you running the standard Android? Did you change the USB behavior from ‘Loading only’ to ‘Data transfer’ in the quick start menu after connecting the phone?

What do you mean by the ‘standard Android’? When I attache the Fairphone 4 via the USB lead, there is no notification on its display.

There are several alternative operating systems, you can run on a FP4, /e/, iodéOS, LineageOS and so one. Every OS has different usier interfaces and you can install different launchers on the factory OS of the FP4. So I was asking, what exactly is running on your FP4.

You need to swipe down the quick start menu and check for the USB mode manually, there will be no automatic notification.

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This is just thw way I try to do it so. After connecting via my USB lead , it is impossible to see the folders in the internal mempry and the external memory is not even detected

I know, that’s what you said in the beginning. But you are not answering my questions.

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