Why should I trust any other OS over google?

Hoping to get my hands on a FP5 soon without spyware/tracking/bloatware etc.

How can I trust any of the other OS?

Also it is possible/practical to install a linux distribution alone and use phone apps or dual boot linux and android?

What are my options?

Thanks in advance.

If you don’t you can have a look at the source code and build them yourself. Most are open source.

Don’t think it’s possible. Regarding Linux you might at least hope for a sailfish port. That’s afaik the closest one.

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for the fairphone 5 currently I’m only aware of /e/ OS. DivestOS and CalyxOS are in development but it’ll take a while.

I don’t think there is a “pure” linux distribution in development for the FP5. The FP4 has a somewhat working port of ubports (ubuntu touch) and sailfish OS.

The other OSes are open source. There is an ongoing german blog of a security professional who tests custom roms for privacy and security: kuketz blog custom roms. Check that if you want to know more about the details and differences, although some entries are old might already be adressed. There is also a post in this very forum reagarding alternativ OSes, I suggest checking that too:

OSes for fairphones


From my understanding, a “real linux” would be postmarketOS - Wikipedia

Looking at the pages for FP4 and FP5 you won’t be able to use all features/sensors, though

Edit: and there’s just no dual-boot with smartphones

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Volla Phone 22: Multi-Boot-Smartphone with Volla OS, Ubuntu und Manjaro.
Old Googles Nexus could Multiboot with MultiROM Manager

You shouldn’t without research, and some are worse than others.

There are a number of what sound like fairly well-trusted third-party platforms available, in case that’s the main focus of the original question. I hear e/os mentioned plenty here, for sure.

My last experience with Android was on an ancient Samsung, and at that point I didn’t notice that Google was absolutely pervasive through the whole thing. I was disappointed on this new phone to discover that I had to log in or create a Google account before I could even see the desktop.

Having said that, Google at least pretends to offer the choice of ‘opting out’ of some things. It’s not clear how much they actually honor that, but I haven’t seen any evidence that they don’t.
Personally, I’m going to stick with the very stable stock OS for at least a number of years. I run a Linux desktop, and would love to jump all the way in with my phone, too, but it seems foolish to do that on a brand new device. I am much more comfortable with regular computer config stuff, and the fact that I could end up with a very expensive paperweight seems like reason enough to be patient.

But that’s just me.


I don’t have a Fairphone 5 to check, but you should be able to skip this part in the initial setup.


I use it without a Google Account, so yes you can skip it


You’re right, yes. I guess I meant that it was asking for that at such an early point, along with a warning about not having access to some things without it.
I would like to go the full open-source route, but it feels like it’s smarter to wait. I did already have the account to link as well.

Thanks for clarifying on my behalf.

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