Why is the FP3 camera not available for the FP2


although I’m very happy about the specs (including the social specs) I’m asking myself why the new camera module is not available for the FP2?

thanks a lot!


If you go to the shop, you will see, that the modules differ quite a lot.
Therefore a camera for the FP2 would have to be devoloped anew.
As the graphics processor, the SoC and the OS are different as well, the software would have to be done from scratch as well.
So, a new camera for the FP2 would be a completely new thing with nothing to gain by the camera for the FP3. I would not even bet on the FP3 camera to make better pictures if it was to be adjusted for the FP2, because of the lower specs of the FP2 graphics.
But probably a techie here can explain this way better, as I am just relying on some info I read here on this forum.