Why is nobody getting back to me?

I ordered a FP 3. Turned out it is not working. I have created a ticket on Jan 7th, and still no one has gotten back to me. I am starting to get very annoyed as I need a working phone! Wky ist taht so? Also, nobody answers the ohone. Is FP not able to re-route calls into home office? I am really bothered - paying € 420,- for a product that doesn’t work and not even getting a reply is not appropriate. I would have thought better of FairPhone.


AFAIK the Fairphone support is pretty busy at the moment. Sure, this is unsatisfying in your case, but nevertheless…

In the meantime - as hard as it may seem - don’t contact the support again and again and again as that just generates more traffic they have to work themselves through.


Sadlly the slow response is all too common. have you received an email to confirm their receipt of your support query?

I did get an initial response with a week and another to actually respond to the query after another week. Luckily the phone was working it was just a charging issue, which I’m still working on:)

It’s a problem where there is not a shop you can walk into and Fairphone is a small company and clearly can’t cope with the amount of work in a consumer acceptable time.

When you say the phone is not working can you provide deatils, you may find some useful ideas here. Does it switch on etc. ? Battery, charging . . .


Hey, it’s two weeks. I need that phone. And I am just now going via PayPal to get my money back.

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Understandable… Could you provide further information on what exactly doesn’t work? Maybe the community here can help you.

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a) The phone keeps shutting off all by itself, several times a day.

b) When it is in standby and you want to turn on the screen, it’s all grey and white pixels and takes a long time until the screen really comes back. Some times it doesn’t at all, so you have to re-boot it.

c) The screen flickers – hard to describe – kind of like the picture „jumps“

Strange thing is, we have another one in the house. That one is just fine, running smoothly, no issues whatsoever.


Thanks for this interesting thread… I have also had lots of random reboots recently. One fun fact: 10 days ago I spent an hour or so in the cold (very cold!). After that the touch screen did not respond. I opened my phone and took out the battery. When I put the battery back, the screen worked again - and the phone has not rebooted since!


As @Linda_CH shows it may just be loose connections. It may be worth taking the phone apart to ensure the screen is connected properly.

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Hi Johanna,

I understand your frustration. Please be aware that this a user community forum without official Fairphone involvement.

We have some Fairphone employees here who might we willing and able to prioritize your request. Do you have a ticket number from the official support? This might help @rae and Co to escalate your issue.

Best wishes,


Factory assembly of modules may be a bit flakey after all they work for the money not the love of assembling phones.

Of course there’s the fix it yourself emblem but I only expect to have to do that once the warranty expires not as soon as I get the phone, but that’s the way it seems to turn out for some people, support usually asks you do a lot before they will replace a phone.

No harm in trying the reassembly option whilst you wait unless you send the phone back immediately if you are unhappy.

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Well, I did try some options. They haven’t worked, and I don’t want to do too much – warranty reasons. I myself would love to send it back and ahve THEM fix it or replace it – but somebody would have to get in touch with me first, wouldn’t they?

Taking the phone apart as it was designed should not void the warranty. they do send parts out for customers to exchange them ??

As for returning, it’s a legal issue. if you send it back they have to do something.

In the UK you have 14 days to say you are not happy and are going to return it, then another 14 days to do so. I’m sure the EU is much the same.

I want to return something bought online.
"You have the right to cancel at any time from the moment you place your online order, and up to 14 days from the day you receive your goods. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘cooling-off period’.

You need to notify the retailer of your wish to cancel your order within this time period – by email, for example.

You then have a further 14 days from the date you notify the retailer of your cancellation to return the goods."


Did you get an automated reply containing a ticket number? Just to be sure that nothing went wrong here…


regarding the reboots… I just read several posts stating that the random reboots are gone after updating to 3.A.0077-20201221 which you can read here.

Which version are you on right now?

Hi @JohannaG,

Sorry to hear that. Just to follow up on @Volker’s question, did you receive a ticket number? If so, could you share it here so I can follow this up with my colleagues in the tech support team.



Sadly, I also have to share my bad experience with Fairphone support here :frowning: My phone broke on Dec. 23rd and created a ticket after my attempts to get it working failed. In January I provided a couple of answers and further information to the support and the whole conversation ended on Jan. 11th when they said they’ll get back with instructions how to proceed soon. It’s now Feb. 3rd and I haven’t heard back since… I mean, I know they might be busy but a full month without any progress or update or any comments/excuse/whatever at least is really saddening. Simply silence… I’m actually starting to regret my decision to go with Fairphone and even helped convince people to switch over. But with such an experience, can I still recommend it to anyone?!


I went via their FaceBook page. That helped. But still, ist was about 4 weeks until I finally got an answer.

Now they sent me a survey and want my opinion. Not sure if they really want to hear that experience…

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Wie lautet Ihre Ticketnummer?

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Sure they want; at least they should.
Just keep calm and don’t use swear-words or insults.
But otherwise be honest. How shall they learn, if you don’t tell.
And even if there are dozens of people already answering; they should get to know the full extent of the problem and the consequences it has. I.e. people no longer recommending to buy a fairphone, but maybe warning against it instead.
As sad as it might be. Maybe they will at least reach out to the customers by mail for a start, as stocking up support for sure is nothing to be achieved fast (especially under the current circumstances).


Das wäre der Request mit Nummer 407937, wenn ich das auf der Support-Seite richtig interpretiere. Steht leider nirgends explizit “Ticket”. Wieso?

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