Why is it so difficult to find reviews of the Fairphone 2?

Hi everyone!
My old phone is slowly dying and I really would like to replace it with a Fairphone 2.
I like everything about this phone ( except the price XD ), but I feel a bit insecure because of the lack of reviews on the internet.
All the articles and the video that I was able to find, just repeat the same things that we can read here on the FP website, and it’s really hard to see images of the phone working.
I know that the first batch has still to be delivered, but isn’t there some specialized website / youtube channel who received the product in advance, so that they can tell us how the phone actually works?
I’m sorry to sound like a paranoid, but for me €525 is a lot of money and I would confidently buy the FP2 right now, if this wasn’t some kind of leap of faith.
Thank you!

Did you check out all the ones linked here?

Other than that, the lack of reviews is probably due to no final production units being available, and possibly the software not being quite ready. The FP2 should start to ship mid-December, so expect more reviews after then. You’ll still be able to order a phone after shipping starts, so you may feel more comfortable waiting just a bit a longer.


You’re looking for images of the phone working ? So you’re looking for images of a regular Android OS. There is few to learn here that could be specific to FairPhone 2.

Thank you @Johannes, but again, nothing new. I think I’ll follow your suggestion and wait some week more.

Well, @siltaar, as far as I read, this phone is using a version of Android which is not exactly the “normal” one, and I think it would be cool to see it working. Also, I’m curious to see how the camera works.

We are sending out the pilot models as we speak to tech-sites and journalists for review. Expect reviews to appear between one and two weeks from now as the journalists had time to play and research the Fairphone 2.

Also we’ll be in Paris on December 9 with some pilot models. So drop by if you have a change so you can try the Fairphone yourself!


That’s great news, thank you very much for your answer.
It would be awesome to try the FP2 myself but, unfortunately Paris is 1.200 km away :frowning:

Not entirely (as @Luca also points out above). You can see minor usability modifications here:

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Check @Johannes’ post for reviews of the final FP2.