Why is Fairpohne dependent of Google?

I got my Fairphone about a year ago and was surprised to find preinstalle Google software on it. For the same reason I have not recomentet Fairphone to anybody! Now its broken (my bad :-), but before I buy a new one I need to get the follovig straintent out:

Am I the only one, who thinks it a problem, that the Fairphone has preinstalled Google software, Google is as far as I am informed, one of the worst mega multinational compagnies in the world. Next to none in eksploiration af pure countries, misuse of private personal information, abuse of power, taxfroud, hostile takeovers e.t.c.
How did this habbend?

Would it be possibly to make an independent operating system and then bi a real Fair alternative? Please advise!

Reg Bo Depner (Denmark)

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With the FP2 you have the possibility to easily switch to FP Open OS, which is GMS free and also receives monthly updates.



Please do some searching on the Forum, you’ll find it’s very easy to avoid Google on both Fairphones. If you have further questions please try to find the correct topic to post them in.