Why is Fairphone support not picking up the phone?

I’m calling Fairphone support at 11:30 on a Friday from Amsterdam, but all I get is a recording telling me I can only call between 10:00 and 17:00 CEST on workdays.

So according to their own notice, they should be available during my call, but they’re not. What is going on?

From support.fairphone.com:

Our phone lines will temporarily close from Thursday 29 June at 13:00 until Monday 3 July at 10:00.

Last night Fairphone hosted a 10th anniversary event in Amsterdam, I guess this is related to it.


Fair enough. I want to return a faulty Fairbuds XL. The left cup is not working. Can you tell me how to start the return process?

Well, I don"t work for Fairphone, but at the same link, you can contact them through a web form (see the “Get in touch” section)


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