Why I switched away from Fairphone

No worries, I for one really don’t care about being credited for some random lines of text others can throw together in 5 min just as easily :smiley:
I’d just rather have people coming to this forum, where the community is way more welcoming, than trying to get help in the void that is XDA these days.


Agreed agreed… old habits die hard.
Things are constantly moving around here that’s fur sure. Hopefully we’ll get more people to gather around here.

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Well yes, but on the other hand - again there need to be reasons to question if its (high) price is justified… :wink:
There’s no “one to satisfy them all” model and there will never be any.

Yes the price!

I put that down to Fair rights and wages with s bit on the side for modularity. All pretty well laid out in Fairphone bumpf.

Will see if i can find a link

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I fully agree. That’s for the core values Fairphone started off its business after all. After being in business for that long, I still cannot get rid of the impression that specifically these core values are yet so less weighted even by some customers.
It never was about offering a premium model to cope with the big players having their focus mainly on specs and eye candy while keeping silence about all this exploitation and such going on along the supply chain.
These facts seems to be the hardest to be explained comprehensive again and again to some customers no matter how obvious they are expressed and proven.
Upgradability never was fixed but “optional” depending on future developments. Among these values (I once posted my email reply from FP partly about this point here in the past - before I funded the FP2), repairability however was and one part along the way luckily was able/had to be upgraded too. I don’t see what’s so hard on accepting the facts and reconsider personal expectations.
By reading official information about Fairphone and questioning them for clearance in advance I knew what I was paying several hundreds of € for and what I could expect, so c’mon.


Nicely expressed, thanks :slight_smile:


We should not forget one need to pay people to keep up to date the software for so many years.


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