Why I stepped away from Fairphone 2

I just want to tell my story about Fairphone.

I got into it because of a tech savvy friend of mine told me about it. I was really enthusiastic about it. The concept of not having to pay in blood, sweat and tears together with a modular design was very appealing.

At first it was handy because the main microphone stopped working, which was sorted after a while. After two replacements.

Next was the screen, which had a band that didn’t respond to touch anymore. Which was replaced without a cost.

Yet after a year or so that replacement screen started to just turn black and sometimes it worked again.

And than I had numerous problems with Wi-Fi connections after an OS update. Which could only be fixed by reboots multiple times a day.

These problems, together with the fact that Fairphone announced that they had sought private investors but weren’t looking into developing a new phone, made me loose hope for a stable Phone by Fairphone.

I didn’t bother anymore because Fairphone had cost me sweat and tears. I was willing to put up with some issues but it rather seemed systematic: the quality of the parts wasn’t there.

So the whole isn’t viable anymore.

Hopefully one day, I will hear the news of a real stable Fairphone without quality issues, so I can consider buying one again.

So fair well!

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