Why Has a Topic Been Closed?

What is a Closed Topic?

A Closed Topic prevents any further responses from being added to a topic and brings a close to discussions. Moderators and Admins close topics when:

a) a discussion has run its course
b) a solution has been provided that resolves the issue
c) no further useful contributions can be made or are not required
d) the problem no longer exists (i.e. a bug has been fixed through a Fairphone OS update)
e) another topic already exists regarding this issue (the closed topic will be removed shortly)
f) a topic has not been replied to for more then 6 months.

Why Close a Topic?

It allows the Admin team to keep an eye on the forum while providing a catalogue of answers, fixes and solutions for the community to use that we know work. It also allows us to build up a knowledge base of questions that you want to know the answers to. We may also use the Wiki Post functionality to allow further edits on a post within the topic. Another tip: before making a new post, be sure you’ve searched the forum for similar posts. This helps to keep duplicate/similar topics to a minimum.

How do I Know if a Topic is Closed?

You will know you are looking at a closed topic because you will see the lock symbol by the Topic Title. You should also notice a post at the bottom of the topic that explains that the topic has been closed to further comments.

What if I Want a Topic Re-opening?

No problem! Just approach one of the Community Moderators by sending us a Private Message on the Forum and we will happily look at this for you. So there is no need to create a new topic.