Why does the "search" app included in FP Open work with Google?

If I understood correctly, one of the big points of FP Open was to get rid of Google content.
So why is there this app, as a system one? Is there a way to replace the engine with something else, or are we stuck with a Google app in a Google-free environment?
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It’s only about G%&$e apps.
Can’t you change the search engine the app uses?

This discussion should help:

Oh, I understand, thanks. Can’t get anything other than Google to work, though, but I suppose it’s not a big deal.

I think that solution worked for Android 5.1, but it does not on my FP Open with Android 6. The SEARCH App also has no options where i could change the search engine, so it is in my opinion a Guhgel App that should not be on the Open device. But I do not need that functionality anyway, as long as it does not spy on me I do not care it’s presence.

It’s a remaining part of older Android versions that got stuck in the codebase of AOSP. The app itself is open source, although obviously it pings a non-free service. It won’t spy on you (until you serach something within, of course).

I agree it doesn’t have much sense to include it on FP Open/Sibon. If only Ecosia had an open source, lightweight search app…

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