Why does my phone connect to 1e1000.net?


I have been using FOOS for a long time and I am very satisfied with this completely Google-free Android version.
I have been asking myself a question since I used NetMonitor to display my connections: Why and for what purpose does my Fairphone connect to one of the 1e1000.net Google servers as soon as I’m online (WLAN or mobile)? It is UID1000 which establishes the connection (unencrypted!)

Does anyone know more about that?
Many thanks and best regards :slight_smile:

This post may contain some useful hints:


Thank you for this hint!

I’ve now disabled the “captive portal check” via custom script in AFWall+. I used the instructions from here: https://www.kuketz-blog.de/android-captive-portal-check-aenderung/ (German).
No connection to 1e1000.net anymore :grinning: .

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