Why do you use a fairphone? And what do you know about IT?

I opende this thread because I would like to know why you bought a fairphone.

I am researching this for a school project which is why I would appreciate it if you could fill in the Google form below. In case you would Just like to share tour opinion a comment in this thread would be more than welcome.

Thanks in advance :heart:

Hi @FGamerNL

Just to say I wouldn’t fill in an online form, ever. Not even from my vendors unless they use the same domain as each researcher gains more detail just by clicking on the link.

It’s has a similar trend to social media and spam, just more internet data that is spurious with an unknown other.

So what school is this?
Where do you live?
What phones have you had?
Why did you buy them?
What is your age, gender, sexual orientation etc?

I have no idea what your forum may ask once it has my IP address etc.

What GPDR warnings do you have

Get my drift.

You can just ask the question on the forum to avoid that without channelling through some third party.

Note many people here don’t like google, so using a google form is a red flag.

I cannot see any questions referring to personal data in this form. And anyone using Google regularly may open the form, because the IP address has already been logged before…

@FGamerNL Can you tell us why there are so many questions asked about the CO2 footprint?

To be honest, the answeres should be multiple choice. That would be much easier for you to analyse and easier for the partipiciant to answer.


@FGamerNL You are asking:

Should I be aware? How many Fairphones do I need to buy to become CO2-neutral?

Apart from that studies with so much free text usually are very hard to evaluate systematically (and are more time-consuming to fill in which may make many people drop off before the end).


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