Why do Fairphone make it so hard for me to recycle my fairphone2 with them?

The shipping form requests the emei number and the advice is that’s it’s under the battery. It’s not. I tried contacting Fairphone about it but there’s is no contact phone number on the website. I tried filling in a form to ask them to get in touch with me. But this form asked for the emei too! This time the advice was to unscrew the phone to find it. Or find it on the foam packet. The form didn’t accept the number on my foam packet. It is clearly not the right code as it has letters and numbers. Maybe it is because I bought it in 2016 and it is now old?! I can not unscrew my phone. I doubt I will get any money off it anyway as I have bought my new fairphone through the phone co-op rather than fairphone but I thought they would at least try to facilitate recycling it. By the way, the phone is broken so can’t get the emei number other ways.

The IMEI numbers are easy to miss, but they’re there.

If you take the back cover and the front part of the case off your FP2, you’ll find the IMEI numbers on the left side of the core module.

Here’s a guide by FP explaining where to find the IMEI, with a picture showing the location of the numbers.


You can very easily find your IMEI via Settings > About Phone or by dialing *#06#.

This - unfortunately - won’t work (I was nearly going to post this tip too :wink: ).


Oops, sorry. Missed that one.

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Thank you Fiarphone Angel. After another hour of my life I got there! I was searching inside the phone but it isn’t inside, it’s on the side of the phone itself. I still don’t think the instructions from fairphone are very helpful. I thought the picture was of a module inside the phone- and I looked up the guide, not realising there was more information at the bottom of the page. I just hope that fairphone 3 is going to be easier!

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