Why did a lot of old posts just appear?

There was an issue with email replies to the forum for some time now and now that it’s fixed lots of email replies that never got posted just arrived all at once.

So you’ll see some topics where the latest posts belong further up the thread. There are also some duplicates if people realized their replies didn’t get posted and they tried again. I already deleted some of the duplicates, but if you find more please let me know. You can e.g. flag the posts as “something else”.


I will check if I can help with duplicates…happy that the email stuff works again…took some time but I managed to fix it…


The event submission form at https://www.fairphone.com/en/community/organize-an-event/ has disappeared. I still used it monday night. Did you get my data @Douwe?

Podio is down at the moment…


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