Why can't I order online?

Hi! Trying to order FP2 online, but keep getting thrown back to empty basket before payment. What am I doing wrong?

Have you chosen a colour before you clicked at “Add to Basket”?

Hi! Yes I did. Trying to pay thru IDEAL.

Ah, ok! I just played it through myself and it seems IDEAL is only available with several Dutch banks. If one of those is an option for you, have you picked one of the banks?

Yeah, I am with a Dutch bank, so tried thru them.

Well, just for testing I tried it and I was able to get past this stage (but won’t take the final confirmation, of course :wink: ). I think you should call support (phone number and office hours at the very bottom):



Thanks so much for your help!!

When I ordered my FP2 back last year, I also had issues when using a mobile browser.
Maybe it’s worth a try to use a differnt browser or -for a mobile browser - set the option to fetch the desktop version of the shop page.

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Hi! Thanks. I tried both Safari and Chrome. IN the end I called the help desk in Amsterdam and they ordered for me with their payments agent. We didn’t get to a situation where we understood the problem though. Pretty weird. They havent had this before it seems.

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