Why battery usage does not add up to 100%?

Hy Everyone,

This is my first post. I have to be honest I am quite hungry towards fairphone 2, I have bought it in February and changed once the battery, but battery maximum length is less than 12 hours. Moreover, in these last months, it lasts even less (from 7 to 10 hours max) and the CPU gets really hot (almost painful to the skin). Now before complaining officially and ask for a phone change or reimbursement, I want to ask you for help starting with one problem at a time. I want to notice that I am an average user (normally I use wi-fi, I do not use so much social media, I watch videos less than one hour a day, I use google maps and other apps for managing my day, but nothing excessive etc…)

My first problem is: the battery usage app (see attached photo) is always wrong about percentages and if you sum all percentages of use, it does not add up to 100 % and this is always like this (every day) and therefore I cannot understand where is the problem and what app or system is draining my battery. How can I do? please help!


ps I have also other problems (re-booting, calls closed abruptly in the middle of conversation etc.) but battery is too much important and always present!

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Hey Francesco,

Welcome to the community!

Are you hungry or angry? ;-p

Sadly this seems to be a frequent problem: first, the battery of this phone is not very big, then I’ve had the same problem and the percentages not adding up correctly seems to be due to a bug in the Fairphone OS, not corrected yet. But as far as I know, it’s not what’s causing the battery to drain quickly (I personally had this same CPU-overheating/draining-the-battery problem before this bug started to appear).

If your Fairphone 2 is under warranty I would suggest you to get in touch with the support. Especially if you have frequent random reboots and CPU overheating.

They’ll first tell you to perform a hard reset to check if it’s a software issue. So I would advise you to do it beforehand, to see if it solves your problem. And also, check if the battery is able to move in its socket: if so, you could block it with a thin piece of cardoard. This might avoid some reboots…

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Thank you very much! I will try an hard reset for now to see if something changes!


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