Why Android and nothing else?

I’m so annoyed by Android. Being used to Apple with my work, I can’t tell you how odd it is to deal with Google’s Android on the Fairphone. I’m telling everyone to buy a Fairphone and not to support Apple by buying an iPhone but after using my Fairphone for thress months now I still can’t get used to it and I’m spending hours dealing with things I never thought to spend my time with. I’m at the point now to sell the Fairphone and use my old Nokia 6310i again (which is now sold for 130 Euros on Ebay, as seen before) … Why isn’t it possible to use another software on the Fairphone?


Right now it is impossible because the chipset drivers aren’t open sourced by the manufacturer (MediaTek). This not only limits us to Android, it limits us to Android 4.2.

As for not getting used to Android, well, let’s not fault Android for that. There’s billions of Android phones on the world, most of them owned by happy users. It might take some getting used to Android if you’re used to iOS, but honestly, the two platforms don’t differ a whole lot from each other anymore.

Last but not least, even if other OSes could be installed to FairPhone, iOS would never be one of them because it’s proprietary Apple software that they don’t license out to 3rd parties. In other words, if you want iOS, you have no choice but to buy an iPhone.


As I’ve seen just a few minutes ago it’s a problem wiht the Fairphone, Samsung works very well with Android, Fairphone doesn’t, so I’m gonna sell it. Anyone out there who wants it for a fair price?

What exactly is your problem? Maybe we can resolve it for you to provide you with a happy FP experience?

The only difference I see with Samsung Android phones is the FP launcher which can easily be removed by installing AOSP. (And that Samsungs come with a lot of useless stuff preinstalled.

I delleted the App Menu where the most liked and last used Apps are presented and can’t install it again. I can only find the Apps I need somewhere down there in the corner of the display - I feel like one of these people standing in the street staring on the display of their smartphone trying to get something they can’t find and I hate this - I bought a smartphone to use it and not to steal my time … that’s the problem, may I just don’t like it and should leave it …

No offence, bro…!

We could give you assistence with this, unless you don’t want us to help you. If you want us to resolve the problems just tell us, I will come back to you!

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Could this thread be helpful?

I am offended, I feel like I am too old or maybe not smart enough for all this smartphone stuff, I am just annoyed by gadgets that are stealing my time. I want a phone that works and do not want to discuss this in a forum and be occupied for hours by asking questions and getting answers that are good for nothing … and by the way I am speaking German (also English, but not so well to ask the right questions maybe) - so this whole conversation leads to nothing.

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Maybe you should pull that thumb out of your ass and let these people help you. The issues you’ve mentioned are both user error (ignorance, rather) so you shouldn’t be blaming the device but yourself.


You smart ass are annoying me too. By the way, that’s the point why Apple is so successful - it works (and it looks good).

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I’m sorry you’re having trouble getting used to Android software. No devices other than Apple devices will run Apple iOS - so if you want a phone with that on then I’m afraid you’ll need to go buy an iPhone. Android is the most prevalent OS running on smartphones within Europe certainly, and pretty much all smartphones work in similar ways so if you’re having trouble with Android I’m not sure what to suggest other than a little patience.

It sounds like you’re in the learning phase with your new phone, and the problems you are having are simple to rectify, and once you get the hang of using Android you’ll be fine.

However I would ask that whatever you decide to do, you have patience and respect for those on the forums trying to help you - and they will help you if you ask. If you’re having trouble asking in English, by all means make a post in your native tongue, there are plenty of community members here that are multi-lingual.


Yes, you are right. I am just not used to smartphones, so it is user’s fault, indeed. And yes, I am sorry for being so harsch, I will try to avoid that in the future - and one more point: my question was answered in another topic in the forum, thank you,Lidwien, that was a very good advice, even for people who are new in using Android. I am glad, it works again, and I apologize for being rude.


It’s really all fine, no worries. People, when they’re used to something, will fight when they are confronted to change. We all do that it’s human’s nature.

And no you are not too old/dumb for a smartphone. It is just a matter of getting used to. I’m used to computers, but smartphone interfaces are a different mentality and sometimes I’m annoyed at certain things too. :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to post your interrogations, or your own findings, here. It’s a community, it’s made for this stuff. :slight_smile:

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Hi wlendl, I could be interested by buying your phone… if you still want to re-sell it (because my current situation of unemployed people forbids me to subscribe for a new FP at the entire price… for the moment).
I’m French and living in France, but I’ve a couple of friends in Germany (even if rather close to München). Where d’you live? If you prefer, you can answer and send me a proposition on my personnal adress : XXXXX . Best regards, Rémi.

Sorry, I think I will keep it and have another try - as I am a graphic designer I need to know what people are busy with all the day although I’m an old fashioned lover of paper and no friend of digital products as you have already got to know …

@Remi_D, I would suggest you edit your post and take out your e-mail address. Otherwise, you might experience some spamming in the future. This is an open forum, after all. :slight_smile:

Just for completeness, you could have sent it as a private message to @wlendl, so not everyone could have read it.
I wonder if it would be possible to create a filter which alerts people to that option whenever they type in an e-mail address here. Coding an if-then statement should be possible…

if $@$ in char then $popup$

Or suchalike. :wink:

@Chris_R and @Robin, do you think It would be worth to alert one of the FP team to do that? Discourse is open source, after all… :slight_smile:


Thank you for your special caring about my interests, but don’t worry: 1- Wlendl has already answered me on this address and all is OK now (he decided to retry to use this bloody android machine… ;-)) ; 2- I’m not dump and it was a “special address” for forums and web business, thus I don’t care if all the spammers of the world use it ; 3- Anyway and following your advises, I delated it from my first message, ok, ok, and thanks again, but… I don’t think it was necessary to call the police or disclaim from the UN tribune! ;-))

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Hi everybody,
I am new to the topic, but could you list some reasons why there is no other kindy of system beside android? I heared rumors about an firefox system? What are the disatvantages to load such a system and are there some experiences out there? I do not question the strategy to produce fp for android at first, but for a guideline for alternative systems would be great. Well loking for Experiences and discussion,
have a nice weekend,

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You should read this topic. It is quite long though, so feel free to hit the “Summarize this topic”-button. :wink:

Edit: The summarize-function doesn’t work that well… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Simple explanation: the chipset (the ‘brains’ of your phone) requires software (so-calked ‘drivers’) that is specific for an OS/device combination. The manufacturer of the chipset, MediaTek, has made such drivers for Android 4.2 on the FairPhone. There are no drivers for other operating systems and since only MediaTek can make such drivers, we are dependent on them making these drivers.

Work is being done to get MediaTek to release the source code for the existing drivers to the general public, so the community can adapt them to work with other OSes, but it’s questionable if that will ever succeed.

In the meantime, FairPhone is working on getting MediaTek to release updated FairPhone drivers for Android 4.4, so there still is a small chance we’ll get an official Android 4.4 update. Still, even if that happens, it still won’t allow us to run other OSes like Firefox OS.