Who uses RIOT IM?

Hello there, i was looking for an instant messenger with videotelephony to have contact with my family when i am on the road and ended up with RIOT which I am quite happy with:

  • fully open source
  • decentralized infrastructure (you can even run your own server)
  • quite good encryption
  • no e-mail or phone-number needed
  • all possible platforms supported
  • usage is still a little beta but it works…

This comes to a jack-of-all-trades with a lot of possible uses, like building a small privacy-friendly social network.

I managed to connect with my family and will now try to convince my friends to use it. I am also interested in experiences from users here. Thank you…


There is actually a Fairphone Channel! @wearefairphone

But I have to admit that actually I don’t use it more than one time a week since most posts in the FP Channel are from the new-forum-post-bot…


Thanx. Will check out! For now i am quite happy with the range of functionality RIOT has. Its the first time i feel i have a chance against any lazy-ass-friend who uses WhatsApp or Skype to convince them to change…

I use Riot with my own server! It’s really brilliant, with also a perfect desktop/web application for the computer. Go Matrix :slight_smile:


I am also a very happy user of Riot.
It is great to have a client that keep me logged in to IRC servers as well.
Made me move away from irssi after years and years of usage. :slight_smile:

I do think I will hold off a little before asking my less tech friends to start using it until it has been running well for at least a year or two. Too often I convinced to use something that went down not long afterwards…


@stanzi we decided to kick that bot. At the moment there are only bots for Fairphone blog posts and for Restart Radio podcasts.

PS: Here is the direct link to the #wearefairphone chatroom:


I just found that 64 people are using Riot/matrix to chat about Fairphone: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#wearefairphone:matrix.org (though, to be honest some of those people are really using the #wearefairphone Freenode IRC channel, which is bridged into Riot/matrix). I’m also using Riot for talking to other groups of people and friends :slight_smile:

Update: W00ps, somehow I missed all the previous replies, thinking nobody replied yet. Bit of duplication, but well :-p

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