Who pays for warranty costs in the end, Fairphone or the manufacturer?

today I have got my second display on warranty. The first one I have got in Mai 2016. Long ago Fairphone published a calculation about the FP2 price, which said, that there is a gain of less than 10,- € for each phone. That’s far away to cover the costs of any extra warranty display.
My question (@Douwe): Does the manufacturer pay for such warranty costs or has Fairphone to carry these costs? In the second case I can’t imagine, how FP earns any money at all.

Just checked back the cost-breakdown.
Warranty Repairs’ has entered this calculation with an estimated amount of 21 Euro (in the ‘Product’ category):

Maybe (hopefully) for the faulty displays they happened to reach an agreement with their supplier. Them changing this supplier (if I got it right) tells a lot in my opinion.


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