Who makes use of changing the FP2 to FP3?

in general asked: why do you :wink: makes use of this program? → https:/www.fairphone.comenrecycle-your-phone

Which things/features on your FP2 are too bad (or do not work any more) for switching from your FP2 to FP3?

thanks and good night! webaschtl

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I don’t make use of the recycling program for the Fairphone 2, because I keep it as my backup phone, and I didn’t plan to make the Fairphone 3 my daily driver phone immediately for the initial lack of a Fairphone Open OS or LineageOS, but I switched anyway mainly because of 2 points that really stood out for me when I checked whether everything was working:

  • Mobile network reception for me is much better with the Fairphone 3, especially at home or indoors in general.
  • Battery life is awesome in comparison with the Fairphone 2.

I don’t have software or hardware problems with my Fairphone 2, so the Fairphone 3 can’t improve that aspect for me.
Regarding the OS … there are ways to deactivate and replace a lot of Google stuff, so I make do on that for now …

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Dear Webaschtl,

I switched from FP2 to FP3 because I had issues with my FP2. In particular the Wifi was not working properly. My FP2 had Bug Nr. 36 and for months there was no solution provided (see https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/276).

In additon, I felt that Fairphone will no longer support or work on FP2 in the long term and the story of FP1 would be repeated. And some information quite supported my fears (https://www.fairphone.com/de/2019/10/29/fairphone-2-camera-module-out-of-stock/).

Best regards,

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