Who holds the bottom module record?

Hi everybody,

As my fifth bottom module in three years broke yesterday (primary microphone stopped working as always), I was wondering: Am I maybe the biggest consumer of fairphone bottom modules on this planet ? Or has anyone had even more so far?

I’m looking forward to hearing some funny & sad bottom module stories :slight_smile: As this problem will keep getting back at us as long as we keep the FP2, the only thing that helps is humour !

I’m still using my first one.
I have exchanged many bottom modules for others though and what I can say is that often phones that went through many bottom modules are quite dirty inside.
So maybe holding on to broken covers to reduce waste is counter productive. Of course that is just my observation - no randomized double-blind study.

About the record: I believe @Stanzi might have you beat.


Hm, I would state it’s @Leo_TheCrafter having designed a completely new, rugged bottom module also with USB-C connector. :wink:

Or it’s me still on my first FP2 bottom module of phone no. 9601.


Interesting thought. I think I got up to 3, and approached the end of warranty. I realised the fault (too much stress on the module from USB cable) and bought https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BXDVBCN/

The addition in connection size is tiny to the USB connector, and for me it is a saviour. Yes, the connectors disconnect if force is applied, but that’s the point. It stops me charging the phone in my pocket, but (again) I’d prefer to be able to charge at all, than a short top up in pocket.


I don’t actually have a FP2 but there’s certainly a lot of scope of jokes about having problems with one’s “bottom” module :wink:
Re-read the above and you will find some high quality toilet humour is entirely possible.
Since faulty and unreliable hardware can be very frustrating I hope this brings a smile or at least a smirk to your face :smile:

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@paulakreuzer Thanks for mentioning me :roll_eyes: :wink:
I actually don’t know, at the moment I’m either using the fourth or fifth, I got my phone in February 2016.

About to get my third or forth one in the space of 2 years. (this last one I’ve only had 7-8 months).

Second module here. Broke again a few weeks after buying. Has already led to some funny situations (me shouting into the phone in public space).

Just ordered my 4th (€20 for a new module being cheaper than €375 for an FP3):

  1. Stopped charging, poss damaged USB: warranty replacement
  2. Microphone noisy
    2a Whole phone replaced so got a new bottom module too (doesn’t really count)
  3. Stopped charging

Currently using No 2 which still works OK if I twist the phone a particular way!

So your theory is that dirt getting into the phone through a broken case somehow breaks the microphone?

This is only my second, but it has never worked properly. Now I found out that if I press the plug from the charger forwards the mic works. .

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