Who does app updates?

There have been many discussions on updating.
Does anyone know a list or hierarchy of what does any updating, what updating can be controlled, etc.?

I observe behaviour I do not want: today the icon for the SMS messaging app changed.
Who or what does this?
I had deleted the google account from the accounts list.
But today I briefly did give my google identification in order to download an app that is only available on the playstore. Having done that I noticed that the google account appeared again in the list of accounts and I had to delete it again.
It was after that I noticed the SMS icon had changed. So something did an update that I never authorised.
Any clear explanations anyone? Thanks.

most likely you had automatic updates enabled in the playstore and therefore the app could be updated while you was logged in… Btw you can use aurora store, no need to add the google account to the phone, to get an app, as long it is a free app.


I’ll keep that in mind.
The app in question was “tpg” (Transports Publics Genevois) which lets me buy the tickets for tram and bus in Geneva and is free. I did not think it was available outside the Playstore, but indeed Aurora Store does have it.

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Aurora is an alternative client accessing Google play store. This is why you’ll find all apps of the play store in it.


Thanks Volker. I did not know.

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Yes it has changed. But that just means that the app you’re using is up to date. It is advisable to keep all apps that you use, and the system, up to date. As Yvonne said, your updates are likely set to automatic.

It is possible to update apps already installed with the OS, without a Google account. Open the Play Store app and immediately, tap the three-dot menu top right.

If you want to reduce your association with Google then use apps from F-Droid or elsewhere instead of the app provided with the OS. But if you’re going that far, then you’d likely be interested in this thread or in using a different OS such as Murena, Calyx or Iodé.


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