Whitelist iframes for the Fairphone Community Map

I’d like to embed https://wearefairphone.github.io/fprsmap/ here on the Fairphone Forum. These are the steps to allow for such embeds:

  1. Fork https://github.com/scossar/whitelist-iframe
  2. Add whiteListIframe(/^(https?:)?\/\/wearefairphone\.github\.io\/fprsmap/i); to the bottom of whitelist-iframe.js.es6. (Source)
  3. Install the plugin with the git clone link to your fork.

Alternatively skip step 1. and 2. and simply add git clone https://github.com/WeAreFairphone/whitelist-iframe.git in step 3. (I have forked the repo into the WeAreFairphone organization on Github.)


Hey, Discourse 1.7 is about to arrive. We’ll check for a few days after release if no major bugs pop-up. If all is fine we’ll upgrade on Tuesday and then install the required plug-in in one go.

After that you should be able to use an iframe for the map. :slight_smile:


Thank you, @Douwe. I hope that Tuesday comes up fast! :sweat_smile:

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And it works:

Here is how to do it yourself. :smiley:

Continue here: