White screen feeeze

Hello I’v been experiencing freezes when I turn on the screen. It didn’t happen while I was browsing the phone yet, just on wake up. The screen is always all white, with some pieces of unresponsive buttons left. One time it was all white with just the back button, the other time it was all white with the green emergency call button. I think It cant be turned off with the power button but Ill have to make sure once it happens again and hold it for longer. I always take out the battery and all is well for a while. I think it may have to do with the youtube app playing in the background but also not sure because I listen to youtube all the time. Anyone else having this issue?
Edit: I can turn off the phone by holding pwr button for 10secs, or even take screenshots.

I read around the forum and got it temporarily fixed by turning off the auto-rotate and switching to 4G. I’ll try to bring back the 5G and see if i can isolate it to the rotate function this week.

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