White noise on headphones when the screen is turned on

Since about two month, my headphones connected using a USB-C → Jack have a small white/static noise in the background, only when the screen is turned on.

More exactly, it stops a second after the screen turns black when I press the lock button, and it starts again as soon as I press the lock button again.

If I listen or don’t listen to something doesn’t change the white background noise. I tried two different USB-C → Jack adapters. I didn’t have this issue before December.

Does anyone have the same issue, and is there a fix?

I have the issue even with display turnet of. White Noise hearing in podcast or youtube, while nobody is speaking.

But it’s only hearable when I’m in bed and it’s really quiet out there
(original FP jack adapter and original Apple inEares)
my solution: I put the left Plug in the right ear and rise the volume :-/

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