Which weather app

I’m a new smartphone user, not a good english talker- that’s my problem- so I need your help!
I like to have a weather app on my start screen.
I’ve installed one from google, but I have to press the icon to open it.
I like to see the weather forecast, when I start my phone.
But,…. I don’t like google! I made the mistake to install it. Don’t like to be watched out-.I prefer to use ecosia- but it’s also a google product.
Should I uninstall google?
Which weather app do you use?

Hi @franzi,

I was using the wetter.com app on my last smartphone. Was very happy with it and they offer widgets you can add to your home screen.


I think you are looking for a Weather Widget. There are many of them out there. For “historical” reasons I use the Beautiful Widgets. But I think many other will do the job, too. Maybe you would like to use a universal Lockscreen Widget like DashClock and add a Weather Addon to it.


I’m using WeatherPro. So far the best and most accurate weather APP i have seen. Even in the free version.

I like Yahoo Weather, nice app with a lot of information.

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Hello together,
thank you for your answers.
Now I’ve installed Wetter.com.
It works, when I go on the icon.
How can I install a widget, so that it is on my home screen?
@madde: Where can I find a free version of WeatherPro? For the first time, I don’t like to pay online with my phone!
I’m not sure, not to make nonsense with my credit card details!

The widgets should’ve installed automatically with the app.
You can see all your widgets in the app drawer. When you open the app drawer (the overview, where you can see all your apps), there are two registers at the top. “Apps” and “Widgets”. Just go to the widgets and then scroll through them, you should find a wetter.com widget. Hold your widget for a bit longer and then you can drag it onto your homescreen.

Hi Chris,
yes, the icon is on my home screen, but I like to see the actual weather details, for example:25° C sunny! as the clock is always there.
Hope, you can understand me!

You could use the Google News & Weather app too which has been recently updated, or if you get your Google Search app updated to include Google Now, you can have the weather as a card on there too

I’ve also moved this topic to the Fairphone Help! section.

jeez. There’s no free version anymore? Bummer.

Well i’d say it’s worth the money. You can always use paypal as a payment option…

I also use yahoo weather. It shows temperature and an icon for cloudy, rain, sunny, etc. It’s rather accurate for my corner of the world.

@franzi I think we understood what you mean. But if you would rather talk in another language, just tell us which language you would prefer.

I uploaded a screenshot, which shows where to find the widgets.

I use 1Weather. It provides widgets in multiple sizes (useful if your homescreens are pretty crouded already :)) and there is a Dashclock plugin for it too.

You can add static locations and it can display the weather (and forecast) for your current location. The current location is approximate, meaning it uses cell tower ID’s instead of battery eating GPS.

The free version has ads (which I don’t see anymore thanks to AdAway) and every few weeks you have to tap the widget before it shows the forecast. The paid version doesn’t have these annoyances.