Which version of Linux kernel on FP4 (Dirty Pipe)?


It seems that Dirty Pipe is pretty serious. How could I know the version of the Linux kernel of m’y FP4 ?

Thanks !

Does settings -> About the phone -> Android version show the kernel version?
My phone is running with /e/OS and it can be found there.
In my case it’s 4.19.157, but I don’t know if it’s affected.

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DirtyPipe only affects Kernel versions 5.8 and up, so Android should be safe - given that the base kernels used there are usually pretty old…
FP4 stock OS is running the same 4.19.157.



Kernels >= 5.8 are affected.
I did not found the kernel version on “system” or “about the phone”.


SettingsAbout Phone → tap on Android Version


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