Which screwdriver?


After noticing that I had a lot of trouble to take a sharp picture and reading this post: Fairphone 2 camera cannot focus, I decided to try to fix my phone camera.
I’m stuck at the step where I need to remove the tiny screw here:

I bought a Torx TX5 (https://www.brico.be/fr/atelier-matériaux/outillage-à-main/tournevis/tournevis-torx/tournevis-de-précision-torx-sencys-tx5/5228995) in a DIY store but I can’t loosen the screw.
Which tool should I use?

Hi Pascaline,
Could you tell if the Torx screwdriver just doesn’t fit or if it fits but the screw won’t come loose? And do you have the old or the new camera module? My instructions are for the old camera module so they might not work for the new one…
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Hi Jochen,

It must be the old camera module (phone received in March 2016). I didn’t replace it.

The screwdriver seems to fit but it doesn’t get hold on the screw. I thought I got the wrong tool but the guy at the store told me that there’s no difference between a T5 and a TX5.
(I hope it makes sense. English is not my native language and it’s difficult for me to explain, sorry.)

I have no practical experience with this, but if there really is no way to get the screw loose with the Torx driver you got, what you then are looking for is called: screw extractor (Schraubenausdreher in German).

If it doesn’t seem to get hold on the screw my bets are that it doesn’t fit. Usually these tiny screws don’t sit particularly tight. @AnotherElk I would be careful with a screw extractor on such a delicate part like the camera module… The risk might be too high to break it altogether.


I hope you get this to work (actually, I assume you’re out of warranty, but in case you aren’t (<2 years) contact support for a replacement), but in case you don’t, I recall people offering their old camera modules in #market:sell for the price of shipping.

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If not having the proper tool and the screw head is sublime and (small enough) I used to do a simple trick. Better than buying all TORX tools in hope to have the matching among them (better buy a multi-tool set anyway).
It needs a side cutter as a usual pair of pliers often don’t supply the needed hold on a small screw head. For me it works well if needed and after all it’s generic for all accessible smaller screws.

It should work perfectly in this case but does require fine motor functions.

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Just to have mentioned this: Torx T5 is the right one.

In my case, some of them were very tight - on the core module, particularly, but the one on the camera module was also not exactly loose.


Thanks all for your advice.

I’m out of warranty indeed, so it’s too late for a replacement.
I tried the pliers but I couldn’t get it to work.

I was hoping to fix it myself but I’ll order a new module. I need a new case anyway, my actual one is completely cracked.

If that should happen to be a transparent cover, please contact Fairphone support, as those cases are replaced with coloured ones due to the flawed transparent material.

@BertG It’s a transparent one indeed. But I have it more than two years, so the warranty expired.

I don’t know, if the warranty factor applies in this case, as the breaking is a construction problem, that even led to taking it off the market. You can buy the FP2 with a transparent case now at memolife.de only and get a coloured one on top.
I really would give it a try.

Indeed, while looking into Support I got to that page: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016555512?input_string=broken+translucent+cover
Everybody with a translucent cover can get a voucher for a free new one.

That’s one problem solved!
Thank you Bert


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