Which pin must I use to charge battery with external charger?

So, today my extternal and universal charger are arrived.
The Battery can fit on the space, there are 2 pin that I can adjust to insert on the contact of battery.
I’m wondering: wich contact (of four) on battery I need tu use with the charger pin to charge battery?

Thank you


If you look at the side of the battery that’s normally on the inside of the phone, you’ll see four circles, one of which is marked +, and the other -. It’s the outer two contacts.

Your universal charger should have similar markings on its pins identifying them as + or -, and all you have to do is shift them so that + connects to + and - to -.


I’m wonderinf wich one is the + on charger, because it is not shown…

That’s not very practical of the manufacturer… You’re sure there are no markings that indicate a + or -, or ‘positive’ or ‘negative’? Do you have a link to the page you bought it from?

For reference, here’s a picture of a charger I sometimes use for FP2 batteries; you can see a + mark on the right.

If there aren’t any markings and the seller doesn’t have any clarifying literature, it may be necessary to open up the charger to have a look at the internal electronics. If you can crack it open and post a picture of the printed circuit board inside, I’m sure we’ll be able to figure out which pin is positive and which is negative.

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"Descrizione prodotto
di identificare automaticamente la batteria positiva e negativa"

Seems the charger detects plus and minus automatically, and the contacts on the battery are marked according to the shop picture …


ok, so I must insert battery in any way, I just need to exactly position the two charger PIN in place 1 and 4 of my battery (not so simply indeed)



Very snazzy! Who knew such a thing existed?

You are precisely right.


Hmm! this post must have out of sync dates with FP3: how to charge battery without phone
Hope the charger works well.

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