Which OS can I use for FP2 without losing warranty?

There are mentioned some operating systems availale for FP2, but according to TOS/warranty/user’s agreement, only standard Android OS and “standard” FP-OS can be used for FP without losing warranty as user. It is also said that I (as a customer) lose warranty when I root my Fairphone.
Here, I’d like to get an answer from someone officially speaking in the name of Fairphone.

Interesting thing. What TOS did you consult? FP Open OS is rooted and officialy supported (and the transition path is included on Fairphone Updater), so I guess it is included in warranty (it should, FP1 was rooted by default!)

Also, this is a community forum, but maybe @Douwe can bring some light here?

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This will most likely not happen in the forum, as the forum is a community forum.
For an official statement you’ll need to contact Fairphone (via support).


I’m also curious, what TOS did you consult @Nepumuk ?

I wrote some months ago to the support about a similar issue.
I asked them if installing SailfishOS on the Fairphone2 would void the warranty, and they told me that it would still be available.

In my Updater app on FP OS 1.5.1 (and I strongly believe neither before) no FP Open OS version is offered (also not in advanced mode). So afaik there’s at least no direct tranaition path (comparable to a version update within FP OS). In case I’m missing something I’ll be happy to be corrected.

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Well, I use FP Open OS since before the first release (they called it FP OS-OS then, and the code was available), but that is what I understood from other forum comments.
The Advance Mode of the Updater was created for the purpose of seamless transition to other (future) OSes too…

Edit: Maybe FPoOS is not listed for you because there was a delay in the FPOS 1.5.1-corresponding update (FPoOS 16.07.1, which was released yesterday)

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Default disclaimer: The community moderators don’t work for Fairphone, so please don’t confuse anything I (or other mods) say with a statement from Fairphone. Also, this should not be taken as qualified (or even not) legal advice

I’m guessing this is about these parts of the warranty statement:

  • Limitations to this Warranty
    This Warranty is not applicable for: […]
    (g) damage caused by breaking or circumventing access limitation protection or by the improper usage of a root access;
    (h) damage caused by installing third-party software and/or any malware.
    Bear in mind that the aforementioned is not a comprehensive list to the limitation.

It’s a combined hard- & software warranty statement, so this will likely point towards, for example:

It doesn’t mean that any defects not caused by that software will not be fixed. Though I see how this could easily lead to some burden of proof issues (technically, for problems arising in the first 6 months of the warranty Fairphone needs to prove that it isn’t a warranty case if they feel it isn’t, for problems arising after that the customer needs to prove it isn’t caused by them doing something wrong). This could get tricky in cases where you can’t restore one of the original Fairphone OSes, which is stated a requirement for repair (but note that they mention they will provide instructions to install a supported OS).

The software provision in the warranty is indeed limited to the two OSes Fairphone provide. This means that they won’t fix problems in Software that they don’t provide. This shouldn’t impact the hardware warranty though.


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