Which module is the internal memory?

Hello, I dropped my fairphone 4 from a 60 meters high tower. It broke literally in two. Stupid, I know.
The problem is that I have an encrypted text file with all my passwords on it and I discovered it’s not backup-ed!
I want to buy a new fairphone 4 and try to switch the internal memory module into the new phone so I can retrieve this text file. But which module is has the internal memory inside? Is it the on the motherboard?
If yes, can I switch the motherboard onto the new phone?
Hope to hear a good answer. Thanks in advance.
Best regards, Marc

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Sorry to hear about the mishap. Indeed, the internal memory is certainly soldered to the motherboard. Unfortunately, iFixit only provides a video of the complete FP4 disassembly, but you can see the guy removing and holding the whole motherboard (in a vague C shape, you can already spot it here in the preview photo’s upper right quarter) in his hand after the 3:45 mark here:

So you will only be able to switch the motherboard to another FP4 if that whole unit is still intact and usable. Note that these kinds of repairs/transplants are – mildly speaking – not strictly compliant with the warranty.

For instructions on how to properly disassemble the other parts of the FP4, see Fairphone 4 Repair - iFixit.


I might be wrong here, but the internal storage is encrypted and I’m not sure if the new device would know the decryption key after the memory gets inserted.

to Ingo:…I don’t think this a problem because the memory is ON the motherboard… this will be kept the same if I can transfer the motherboard (with the internal memory) to the new phone… only the hardware parts around it would be new/different


To Urs Lesse:…Thank you for the reply. To bad you don’t see the actual extraction of the motherboard. But apparently it is possible. About warranty: it’s already expired.

Hello, I’m interested in that procedure, as my Fairphone 4 have battery issues. Does someone tried to swap it’s old phone core parts into a new one bought ? Does the data is kept ? Having some clues about it, would avoid to make mistakes. Maybe some videos/tutorials, would be necessary.

Read above for answers?

dear Marc2,
did this work in the end? possibly a similar issue here as power button (and volume ones) not working, no way of booting the device (which in itself is still working, if i could boot it).