Which Microphone is used for what?

I got my fairphone 4 a week ago and it has some issues, it’s a bit wonky. I’m trying to figure out which of the microphones (the one at the bottom and the one on the left side) are used for what. It seems that the side one is used when you put a phone call in speaker mode for example and not the bottom one, which makes for an awkward grip when moving around.

Is there any way to find out which microphone is used for what and what their specs are?

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Hi have you done a decent search of this forum, I’m sure there are quite a few posts on the issue, and have you asked Fairphone ~ that would seem to be the better option.

On the FP3 the top mic is used for hands free. I would imagine something similar for the FP4 but will check.

Meanwhile search the forum

See also


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Thanks for the reply! There’s nothing wrong with the microphones, never the less, I did the tests before creating the post and they work fine. I was just wondering if there is any documentation for which is used when and what their respective ranges are.

I realise my first post might be misleading, the microphones seem to work, there are other things that are wonky, like the fingerprint sensor checking too many times, but I’m getting used to its quirks now.

These are unfortunately known issues for a while. Best is to #contactsupport so that hopefully they will fix the issues soon, but also get their quality assurance of these updates in order.

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