Which is the best ad blocker app for android

well, i have few apps for blocking the ads on the device. so just let know which app is best and good for installing without the error and hacks and rooting?

Adblock Plus Latest Free
Adguard Latets Free
TrustGo Ad Detector

source.best ad blocker for android

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I use Netguard (xda-developers) for both a firewall (prevent apps from general network access) and as an ad-blocker.
For the latter, you must use a non-Google-Play-download-version: Netguard (github) (AFAIK Google does not want adblockers in Play Store)
(You can download a hosts-file that blocks ads in the Netguard settings.)


AdAway requires root, but it’s great. Once installed and set up it does it’s job effectively and silently, you’ll just need to update it every once in a while.


I use uBlock Origin.

But that’s just a browser extension and won’t block ads outside the browser.

Same here.

Right! In this case NetGuard is the best I know.

When I try to download Netguard on F-Droid, I click install, then it briefly shows a status bar and the install button says “downloading…”, and then…it stops. The button says Install again and nothing has happened. The same thing happens when I click on the latest Version listed below.

I noticed this behavior with some other apps last night as well, while other apps were downloadable without problems. Any idea what’s going on here?

(This may not be the right place to ask about this - or maybe it is, because here it’s connected to a specific app…? @paulakreuzer please move if you feel that there is a better place for this question.)

I personally use AdAway because I have root, but DNS66 seems like the best alternative for non-rooted phones. It uses AdAway filter list as well as other well-known ones like Dan Pollocks’s, plus it can change your DNS servers to protect more your privacy.

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