Which Google Apps is it safe to disable FP3

Before there is a working / active developed Custom ROM aka Lineage OS for the FP3, which Google apps and services is it safe to disable on the FP3?

Any help would be appreciated. I remember reading somewhere here that someone disabled Chrome or another such app and it caused issues for them.

Many thanks in advance.


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Please have look in this topic …

Android System WebView most likely. Big difference.


I screwed up my system deleting! chrome. Disabling it does not do harm. But its reenabling itself if it gets updated through play store.

How exactly did you delete Chrome?

(after rooting of course) I used an (uninstaller) app to uninstall chrome, i did this because i thought it would be saver then deleting stuff with a filemanager. After a reboot it went in a bootloop. I can not tell you what exactly went wrong there. I did not had this kind of behavior on other devices bevor.

Ok, that’s valuable info, then I guess we don’t want to do that.

The way to uninstall/deactivate (the command is uninstall, what it does is more deactivate) which was established in the topic I linked to doesn’t wreck the system, and Chrome doesn’t get updated, at least for me (via Play Store as long as I still had it active, and now via Aurora Store, which happily updates other Google stuff I left active).

Doing that with Android System WebView however, does take away some functionality.

I dont use chromebrowser, i use firefox. I like clean systems so chrome had to go. At least that was the plan… :expressionless: But thx to this forum i now know a lot more of reflashing stockdroids to a/b partitons. :crazy_face:

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