Which external microphone can I use

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I purchased a Boya BY M1 external microphone.
It works perfectly well on a samsung phone, but not on my FP2 . FP2 always takes the sound from its microphone, not from the external one when connected.
I tried to download the same app on my wife s samsung and on my FP2, clearly the problem is not with the mike nor the app.
I tried on 3 different apps, every time the FP2 does not take the sound from the external microphone .

Note that when I put a telephone earset+ microphone, it works well. It is only with this external microphone only.

It seems that this is a FP2firmware issue . Any ciomment ? Should I forget using external higher quality phones for my recordings with FP2 ?

Perhaps there’s something in here for you …

Thanks, I have seen this, but I have not seen any reply nor solution, just that the topic eventually was closed . So i decided to reopen it, it is really an issue that I believe should be taken seriously. I just wonder if there is any external mike that can be connected on an FP2. In a way, it should make the issue easier to solve…

I reopened it.
So you haven’t seen these? …

I have seen it all.
I have tested with a standard headset (ear+ mike), which works.
There is a 4 rings plug, which works on other samsung phone.
This microphone has its own battery, which may be makes the difference. This is the case of most high qualityu recording microphones.
This microphone does not need any specific app . I used it on the samsung recording app , on the “open camera” , and on the sony app that is described in this forum. All these apps work with my mike on a samsung, none works with the FP2, although I took care to load the apps on both phones with the same version.
Probably we need a specific device to connect to FP2. I think that the fact that these mikes do have their own battery is the fact that makes their specificity, which is recognized by most phones ( i e this mike also works on iphones and many androids - the web is full of testimonies ) , but not by the FP . Which makes me think of a firmware issue.

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Same issue, I tried with three different microphones and two differents apps. The FP2 always record with its own microphone.
So I’m also interested by a solution or a microphone that works.

I have same problem too.
When I connect a BOYA BY-M1, the FP2 always record with its own microphone.
Did you find a solution ?
I sent a mail to Fairphone support and I’m waiting their answer.

No solution found …

The support sent this to me :

"Dear Martin,

Thank you for your message.

I’m afraid we don’t have any information on the compatibility of your BOYA BY-M1 Omnidirectional Lavalier. We recommend visiting our forums to see if anyone can answer your question there.

My apologies for the inconvenience!

Best regards,"

I finally managed to make the Rode Smartlav run on my Fairphone: After having contacted Fairphone, Rode and MediaMarkt and run tests with other phones, it was clear that the Rode mic doesn’t enter enough into the Fairphone (the tolerances are extremely small). The solution was to very (!) gently (and not deeply) cut several times with a sharp kitchen knive into the black plastic of the Rode mic, just to make the black plastic shrink a little bit when pushing it backwards with the flat part of the knive. It’s all about less than millimeters. And it’s working now, and it’s still working on other phones, too. Rode told me that they are now sharing my hack with customers. And thanks MediaMarkt: One of your shop assistents had the idea!

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I use this adapter to connect a computer headset and it works fine: https://www.nedro.nl/nl/audio-adapters/8161610-on227-c-nedro-audio-kabel-2-x-35-mm-jack-plug-naar-35mm-stereo-jack-4053271021102.html

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