Which email app recommended for icloud account

Since I setup my icloud account with the default email app, I can’t send emails, although the settings are right… (cf.screenshot)

I receive emails and DAvDroid apps synchronising well my calender and contact infos.
I read a post from 2015 about K9mail as a good app and I like to keep the gmail app for my “spam”-google account.
So my question is :
What is the best 2018 email app to use for configuring my email icloud mail on my FP2?
Thanks in advance

I personally use K9mail, but I can’t tell you if this solves your problem with your iCloud account. Since K9 is for free, just give it a try.

As a second option try AquaMail. Some of my friends are using it and they are quite happy with it.

What about just setting the iCloud account in the gmail app?

Hi Paule,
Thanks for your reply … I’ll try these and let you know

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