Which DAC charging dongle works for simulatneous 3.5mm klinke

If one wants to charge the phone and at the same time listen to some kind of audio via non-bluetooth headphones like when watching a movie on a train ride there is not yet an easily accessible solution.

While the support mentions that
“DAC Charging Dongle Cables can be a solution in case you need both charging and audio.”
one is left to research and try out products by themselves. As this would be both unecessarily frustrating and not sustainable I hope that either the fairphone team itself or the community will do this researching and product testing once for everyone.

I’ve spend quite some time trying to decide which product to buy but I really don’t feel like spending probably multiple times 20 Euros without knowing if it’s even gonna work nor how well or how long (some of the product reviews are very demotivating)

generally it’d be super nice not to depend on amazon… but e.g. the ebay results were much worse and less reliable

Here are the products I’ve found for being based in Germany that are supposed to have a DAC chip

for amazon.com I didn’t look further but stumbled upon this one

Would be super nice if anyone could post some experience.
Cheers JR


Hi welcome to the forum.
Do you have an FP4?
Surely you can buy and try and return within 14 days.

This dongle does work with FP4 but I’m not totally convinced about the quality, there’s some interference with something so some unwanted noises can be heard on the headphones. But it does the job if you can live with a non-perfect product (and I doubt others are much better).


I’m supposed to have mine in a few days so I can’t test yet by myself. Still I think it’d be better to not have all users test and produce unnecessary amounts of garbage etc.


Well that sucks. I didn’t buy a new phone (handing over my 3+ to my Dad) to have kind of shitty sound.
It’d only be a worst case fall back option for me…

For how long are you using the dongle? Some reviews of this and other products where about dongle braking after only a few weeks or months.

And do all options work without strange effects besides sounds quality? Can you listen without charging, charging without listening and listen + charge? There were reviews about sound output switching back to device speakers and such.

Lots of Chinese stuff posted, like Ugreen. Not always good quality.

Dragonfly AudioQuest (Red or Blue) with a one USB-C to double USB-C with a USB-OTG would work. But its much more expensive.

I don’t have it for a year yet so I cannot give any long-term review.

Charging while listening (and doing one without the other) works fine. When charging and listening and then unplugging the charger does temporarily disable the headphones until it’s reinitialized. I imagine it internally switches the power supply from external to the phone so it’s not a seamless transition there but doesn’t really bother me.

I can also note, that I haven’t immediately noticed the interference from the dongle, just at some point when I had the headphones in but nothing playing. Nothing that bothers me too much. And also my 5€ earbuds probably don’t help with quality :wink:

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Hi, I purchased this one at a Dutch webshop:

It seems to work fine, and has an average price: €34,-

Good sound transmission, possibility to charge and listen at the same time and sound transmission works in my car as well!

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I got the Nimaso dongle and it’s absolutely terrible. Right from the start it keeps cutting the signal or makes the phone shift to the internal speakers and mic. (I just got my phone yesterday and tried this brand new dongle for the first time today, so no wear and tear is to blame.) And this is while I’m sitting absolutely still and keeping the phone undisturbed on a table. As soon as I even try to touch the screen of the phone the sound acts up. This is extra annoying as the volume control and answering/stop/play button on the headset wire don’t function via the adapter. Walking around while using this adapter is not an option at all.
I have not bothered checking if charging simultaneously works as I find the 3.5 mm adapter part unusable anyway.

ETA: I’m using the FP4 and SoundMagic E50 in-ear headset.