Which Charger do I use for charging in car?

Now I use the mophie dual charger in my car but it doesn‘t working…

Hi Julia and welcome to the forum…
Are you saying you have a cigarette type plug that converts 12v to 5.1 and it doesn’t work?

When you say it isn’t working can you provide details?

  • Does the led light come on on the phone?
  • Does it say charging slowly?
  • Are you able to charge the phone otherwise?

Here is a page by Belkin

Assuming you have a suitable usbA to usbC cable
Here is a simple single adapter that should provide a quick charge


I’m using this one, no problem so far.


I’ve got this one:
revolt Adapter Auto: Mini-Kfz-USB-Ladegerät, USB Typ A & C, QC 4.0+, 12/24 V, 4,5 A, 30 W (Kfz Quick Charge) (pearl.de)

Works just fine, it supports the QC3 (quick charge 3) standard of the FP3, and even more than that (QC4+, up to 4.5A or 20V) for other devices, e.g. tablets with larger batteries.


Hi @Chinte81 and welcome to the forum.
Could you give a bit more information? In addition to amoun’s questions, could you indicate the Mophie charger’s model number? I take it this is a model using USB, not “wireless” (i.e. induction)?

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