Which apps are necessary on FP 2 open source

So my FP 2 has been arrived. New and fresh and nothing on it. Now i want to switch directly to open source and I want to know which basic apps the community recommends.

F-Droid store and AFWall+ seems to be a must, But for privacy and protection what else is necessary? Xprivacy seems to be difficult to install (I am a newbie).

Which app to use for…

  • Calculator
  • Videos (youtube)
  • Music player
  • Browser
  • Document viewer
  • Radio
  • Clock
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Dictaphone

So far I have checked already things here and elsewhere but please let me know your opinion and experience.

Thanks a lot


Just to make sure, these are the stock apps that are pre-installed if you switch to Fairphone Open OS:


There is a list of recommended apps in our forum:


Danke Urs! I was not aware that there are these stock apps. That would be already fine for me and I will add some others.


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:fu: Tora very helpful too!

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So after several weeks with my FP " and Open Source, I was thing about safety issues. What do FP 2 OS users recommend in addition to the firewall? Any anti virus available and recommendable on F-Droid?

Antivirus apps for Android are mostly BS and only cause issues.
Instead I’d recommend Adaway and maybe Orbot in combination with a compatible browser.

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Hi Paula,

thanks for the hint and I will check this.


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If you got microG (probably not) you might want to install Aurora instead of the default app store as it has material design.

If you got F-Droid, they actually don’t have much BS on their app store compared to Google Play Store.

Some suggestions:

Some default apps are good enough. Try them out!

E-mail -> P=P (material design, opportunistic encryption), K-9, FairEmail

Videos (youtube) -> Newpipe (no ads, allows to listen via headphone only)

Videos -> VLC

Browser -> Firefox, Firefox Focus, Orbot

VPN -> WireGuard

Weather -> Your local weather

There’s some neat music players around as well, such as “Music Player”.

Have a look at: https://www.f-droid.org/en/

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