Where's my ringtone?

Hi everyone,
First post on this forum, after reading a lot of topics. For this problem I couldn’t find a topic.
Since the latest update, which I installed two days ago, my ringtones are missing. The files are gone, folders named “Ringtones”, “alarms” and “Notifications” are empty.

Anyone else has the same problem?

Hey and welcome to the forum!

Interesting that you mention it. I seem to have a similar problem. A couple of days ago I deleted several Google Apps I don’t use via adb shell and after that I recognized that several of my ringtones now have numbers rather than names. I thought that this was somehow related to me deleting the G-Apps…

Anyhow, my ringtone was changed by this, so I think the original one was somehow deleted.

Did you change the standard ringtone?
It needn’t be deleted.
If you still got the ringtones, but with numbers instead of names, yours might still be there.
But since it’s got a number now, the name is no longer to be found and the phone returned to the standard tone.

Hello and welcome to this forum, even though it’s because you are having troubles.
It definitely ain’t normal and seems to be something different or more severe than what @hypnotoad posted, if all the directories are empty.
That’s something for the tech-addicts here in this forum, as it is clearly beyond me.

Have you done anything else, besides updating the phone?
All available information could be helpful for locating the problem.

I updated the Insular app this morning (I run two profiles on my phone, private and work profile, the latter created with insular).
Muting and unmuting gave back the ringtones I previously selected (not the standard ringtone), but there is no possibility in selecting a new one.

Then - at least - it seems, the ringtones are still somewhere stored on the phone, when muting/unmuting brought them back.
But they don’t seem to be where the selection-function is looking for them.
Maybe they are in a hidden directory?

As I have no idea what “Insular” is and how it works, I have no idea as well, if that can be the root course for your troubles.
Hopefully someone with a deeper knowledge of the Android system can help you.

Just had a short look at “Insular” on F-Droid; and it seems, that hiding stuff is just “the thing” for this app. Therefore it might in fact be, that some setting in this app has caused the “vanishing” of ringtones.

Doesn’t it need to have root access to be able to get to the folder where the ringtones are stored?
Anyway, your suggestion sounds logical, however I haven’t used the app for hiding, and didn’t give any permission to do so.

This might be the solution: I changed the settings for automatic uploading in the Nextcloud app.


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