Where to find the serial number of the Fairphone 3?

Hi Fairphoners,

i like to know how i can get the Serial Number of a FP3 without switching it on. I found the IMEI 1 and 2 inside .
I also know about the “emergency call status” call - *#06# but its not working it shows: “Can’t call *#06# is not an emergency number.”
I know that i can find the serial number in the system settings after the installation.

Maybe someone can tell me where i can find the serial number or at least tell me its not written on the device.

Thank you in advance!

Have you got a receipt of your purchase? Is it on that document?

It’s *#06# and for me it’s working :slight_smile:


Hi HolosericaCaligo,

sorry it was a typo. I will edit it. But I attached a picture with the error message from the phone. It is not working for me with *#06# :frowning_face:

Thank you anyways.

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Hi urs_lesse,
I checked the invoice twice … only IMEI numbers.

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Will also just show you the IMEI numbers.
Are you sure that what you are looking for are not the IMEI numbers?

PS: Afaik other serial numbers only exist for the peripheral modules. Here is where you find them for the FP2. For the FP3 they will probably also be written on the modules.

Ok, I have to admit that my FP3 is already set up. But I can see the serial number with *#06#:

why not setting up your FP3 and later - if you want to - resetting it again to factory defaults?

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It looks like you are trying to type this into the emergency dialer instead of the normal phone app.


Finally i found a way which is “okay” for me.
I connected the phone via cable to a win10 device. This Device shows the FP3 -> right klick -> properties will show the serial number of the Fairphone 3.

Thank you all for contributing!


Just to make the explanations more complete:

On the FP2 (Android 6) - I don’t know, if this has changed with the FP3 and Android 9 - you will find this info as follows:

-> Settings -> About Phone -> Status

At the end of the list that opens up you will find:

  • Assembly number
  • Serial number
  • Uptime

@BertG, from my experiments with an FP3 on a Fairphoners’ meet-up, I believe that there is a bug in the IMEI section of that status screen. I remember it was showing ‘None’ instead of an IMEI number at some place.

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That should be reported on the error list.
But if I understand this correct, the serial no. was given? Or ist this status screen different with Android 9 then it is with Android 6?

I found the serial number here:

Settings -> About phone -> Model & hardware


Serial number

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FYI the “My serial numbers” section in the shop account also only shows one (!) IMEI. Besides it says “Fairphone 2”, although I have a FP3.

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