Where to find serial number after phone stolen?

Hello, my phone was stolen yesterday, I reported it to the police, who want to know the serial number of the device for their system (so they can check it against stolen goods they find). How do I find out this number when I don’t have the phone physically with me? Did it appear anywhere in my Fairphone invoice or account? Thank you for your help.

It’s printed on the label at the back side of the box the phone came in.

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There is an issue known, where the Serial Number is just 0123456789ABCDEF. (See this.)

So it could be that the serial number differs from the one indicated on your box.

I would better give IMEI1 or IMEI2 to the police to identify the phone.

Hi, thanks a million for your reply. Could you advise me where to find those numbers please, would they be saved in my online account somewhere? Thank you

Hi sorry I figured it out, it was on Google Dashboard. Cheers for the help!

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Alarmed by reading this message, I immediately made a screenshot of my IMEI information to be sure.
you can make it as follows:
go to 'System settings’
tip on ‘About phone’ (at the bottom of the list)
tip on "Status’
tip on 'IMEI information’
To make a screenshot tip simultaneously on ‘Volume down’ and 'Power on/off’
Open the screenshot with ‘Gallery’ and then you can share it to your e-mailaccount or else.

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You can find both IMEIs also on the FP box. It’s always good, to keep the boxes of your phones (I think, I even kept the box of my old Siemens C35 up until now… ;))

I would urge you to check the IMEI’s on your box with your phone.
It’s always possible that the numbers on the box aren’t correct.

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