Where to find camera settings?

can someone tell me how to change camera settings? E.g. picture resolution etc.

I don’t use the default camera app, but I think you have to swipe from the left edge to the middle.

thank you Stanzi, with this swipe I can switch between movie and still camera, panorama and two other items. But I exspect that there must somewhere be a possibility to change for instance the resolution. Does anybody know?

I also don’t use the pre-installed camera app, but I don’t think it has a lot of settings. If you want a camera app where you can change the resolution among many other things try Open Camera.


Swipe right (the one you’ve mentioned above). Then in the bottom right corner a cogwheel appears. Tap on that wheel. Then a menu with a topic “resolution & quality” appears. There you can select all you’re searching for.


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