Where to find APN-settings


Hello! I have changed my operator and am experiencing problems with MMS, both sending and receiving. The operator provided me with a list of settings but I can’t find the settings on my phone. Is there anyone here that knows where to find; APN, MMSC, MMS proxy, MMS port, MCC, MNC, and APN-type?

I neither have a Fairphone 4 nor Fairphone OS, but APN settings usually should be in the network settings connected to the SIM card.
At least in English settings this abbreviation tends to be spelled out as “Access point names”, in case your settings search doesn’t find “apn” for you.

Else, your operator should have a generic Android guide online on how to set this, just search the internet for your operator name + apn.

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Hi. Try going to Settings - Network and Internet - SIMS. Access Point Names should be at the bottom of the SIMS options. Hope this helps!


Thank you for the help I received. I have now solved my problem.


And how?


Settings/Network and internet/ tap internet/Tap cog wheel next to operator’s name. In my case the setting for MMS-proxy was wrong. Changed that and now I’m OK!