Where is the trash can for pictures

I’ve had a FP2 for just over 4 months and have deleted pictures all this time by just selecting them and pressing the trash can icon,so far so good.
today when doing just that, I get a warning pop up saying that ‘my trash can is full’ and that when I delete the picture,it’ll be deleted off the device.This is what I was assuming was happening all along,so somewhere there is a trash can aching to be emptied? i tried amaze,the settings and every search function I could find but couldn’t turn it up anywhere. Google couldnt help me either.Where should I look?

Let me guess: you use the Google Photo App? With this app and a Google-account the photos are stored also in the Google-cloud, were deleted images go to a trash-can.



Found it,emptied and that did the trick,thanks. I’m new to android