Where is the music player? and the gallery?

Continuing the discussion from FP2: where is the music player? and the gallery?:

I miss those two things too!!
The ones by google (I know it is android, but I simply don’t want Google to synchronize store, manage everything) I think are pretty useless. I can’t send, delete, upload any pictures… or music…

Could you please tell me which other players or galleries or apps I have to download?


Or look around on the forum, there are topics where people share their preferred music player of gallery app.

You could also download the Open OS image, grab the APKs of the standard apps and install on your system :wink:

I personally use the free-as-in-freedom LeafPic and Vanilla Music.

AFAIK, you can find Vanilla Music on Google Play, but not LeafPic. Using FP Open OS, I have F-Droid as my first and only app store. Don’t know about other fair galleries you can find on Google Play, sorry.

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As gallery app I’m using QuickPic (can synchronize pictures with my Owncloud server), my music player is N7 Player (paid version), both from Play store.

Thanks to all of you :slight_smile: I got Focus and Vanilla Music.

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Hey guys! I have the Google photo app, but photos that were sent to me (e.g. via WhatsApp) don’t show up there. Do I have to download another photo app for access to all photos and media?

In bottom right corner is the button “albums” (maybe it’s named differently - I have the german version). When you click it you’ll see at the top several buttons and one is named “system folders” or “WhatsApp, Instagram” or something like that - there you’ll find the photos :slight_smile:

Perfect, thank you so much @aljoscha!! I can’t believe I didn’t see that… :wink: have a great evening !

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I noticed, if you open the menu on the left side via swiping (or clicking the three lines in the top left corner), you can access “system folders” directly :slight_smile: It’s a bit more comfortable than clicking first at albums and then chosse the system folders.

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